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We have taken a step forward to fill your trip with true Indian colors. The best thing about visiting India during festival season is that the energy and life during this season is high, and moreover, with celebrations on in all parts of country it is actually an amazing feeling to be a part of it in country's own light and culture.

There are various festivals of India that play an important role attracting tourists in India.

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Festivals in Southern India

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Famous for their passion for religion, tradition, customs and culture, people living in South India follow a very ritualistic lifestyle. Therefore, festivals of South India make them popular all over the globe. If you through the Kaleidoscope of festivals, dream land to live and visit. The tourists visiting South India during festive time will definitely try not to miss the celebrations of the festivals.
Onam (Kerala)
It is the most important harvest festival of South India, and is celebrated with rich mixture of myth and reality. This 10 day festival falls in the month of August-September, co-occurring with the start of the harvest season. Onam is rejoiced with various carnivals, boat races, dance & music and incredible feast, thereby making itself among tourists too.

Onam Festival

Pongal (Tamil Nadu)
Being the most popular festival of Tamil Nadu, this harvest festival is celebrated over 4 days in the month of January. On the First day of fest (Bhogi), people clean up their places and homes taking out each and every wastage and unusable item and burning them up in the bonfire. The second day (Surya Pongal) marks worshiping and offering prayers while paying homage to Sun God. On the third day its time to pay homage to cattle, various animals are decorated and given food. The fourth day is biggest day people get gathered at various places and celebrate the last day with dance, music and feast.

Natyanjali Dance Festival (Tamil Nadu)
In order to mark respect and importance to the lord of dancers, Lord Nataraja, this famous fest is organized annually in month of February during the beginning of Mahashivratri. On this occasion all the striking dancers of India come together on the same stage and opens on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri. In fact if we consider the past records, it's one of famous fest attended by loads of tourists over the past years.

Hampi Festival (Karnataka)
Organized yearly in the month of November-December, Hampi Festival is celebrated in appreciation of the ruined city of Hampi, which was once the capital of the Vijaynagar empire. Managed by the State Government, it is very famous among the visitors. The city comes to life takes smooth route during this festival, which consist of dance, drama, music, fireworks, puppet shows, and marvelous processions, which adds to its great attraction among the tourists.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race (Kerala)
Held every year on the second Saturday of August, this water carnival is the biggest snake boat race in the world. The colorful boats with loads of spectators is a marvelous treat for tourists. This annual regatta is held on the Punnamada Backwaters of Alappuzha and is the most famous of all. A complete magnificent occasion to visit Kerala and explore its riches.

Dussehra (Mysore, Karanataka)
A ten-day festivity highlighted through cultural shows, exhibitions & airs, music and dance festivals, and torchlight processions. It marks the importance of victory of good over evil. Although it is celebrated in all corners of the country, in south Karnataka is one to place to visit during the festive time.