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With the charm of weather at high altitudes, snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, gushing rivers, steep gorges and exotic flora; India is definitely one of those places you must visit.

These hill stations in India provide solitude, healthy weather and striking views.

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Tamil Nadu is a land that has existed since prehistoric times. Along with the land, it has a culture and language that has lasted just as long.

Tamil Nadu is a land of varied beauty. It is mostly famous for its numerous Hindu temples based on the Dravidian architecture. Popular temple towns include Tirupati, Rameshwaram, Madurai etc.

Beaches in Tamil Nadu is yet one another major attraction for tourists in state.

Festivals in Southern India generally holds major importance in Tamil Nadu. If you want to witness the real India, visit during its festive season.

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(100 km from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)

Under the shed of Nilgris (Blue Mountains) lies the picturesque land of Udhagamandalam also known as Ooty. Situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above mean sea level, It’s been rightly titled as the as Queen of Hills. The best thing about Ooty is that it combines the peace and tranquility of a hill station with the comforts of urban life. For residents of the south it is a delightful place to escape to from the oppressive summer heat specially when it's famous for its healthy climate and scenic environment.

The green hills, the cascading waterfalls and sparkling brooks, all make the Ooty a delight for the eyes of the city-weary.

Offering a surprising display of tourist attractions as well as wide range for the age long lovely nature walks, Ooty is the idyllic summer.
Hills Ooty

Tourist Attractions In Ooty
St. Stephens Church:
Being one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiris, its base was laid by Rt. Hon'ble Stephen Rumbold Lushington on April 23, 1829, memorizing the birthday of King George IV. Within the church on the Eastern side as well as behind the chancel, you 'll witness the stained-glass paintings depicting Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms and the crucifixion of Christ among others. While on the Western wall, you can visualize the large divine painting of the Last Supper.

Ooty Lake:
In the recent years Ooty Lake has emerged as one of the major attraction of hill station. Most of the tourists who flock to this beautiful hill station all throughout the year and particularly in the summers have their hideout at this splendid lake and boat houses. Overall the atmosphere and environment you'll experience there is absolutely calm & placid.

Botanical Gardens:
It is pleasant to walk in the abundant greenery of the gardens and look up to the stunning variety of ferns, orchids, flowers and other amazing flora. The Botanical Gardens in Ooty is a home to many scarce species of woods and plants like the cork tree, the monkey puzzle tree, the paper bark tree and an ancient inflexible tree that date back to 20 million years. It is an even more profitable suggestion to visit the Botanical Gardens in Ooty during the month of May when an annual Flower Show is held.

Lamb's Rock:
This place is so lovely that an idea of spending a whole day in its composed and unruffled atmosphere is a one great idea for a visitor. Being an absolute picnic spot, one is sure to experience a very close propinquity to nature. Its greatest attractions are the captivating sights of the plains of Coimbatore and the tea gardens. You can almost feel like visualizing a green blanket covering the slopes of the hills. There are very few places which can offer such amazing broad views, Lamb's Rock in Ooty is one among them.

Popular Excursions From Ooty
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary:
Located around the Mysore-Ooty highway about 67 km away from Ooty, Mudumalai wildlife reserve was the very first sanctuary in South India. It scatters around 321 sq km and is extremely varied with hills, valleys, ravines, watercourses and swamps. The popular fauna of the sanctuary includes Langur, bonnet macaque, tiger, leopard, wild dog, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, elephants, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, Indian muntjac, mouse deer, wild boar, rodent and flying squirrel. Apart from them it is also a home to rich bird life too.

Lying just 19 km away from Ooty, this hill station is the second largest amongst all in the Nilgris.

Surrounded by tea plantations all around and an altitude of 1839 mt, it's obviously much chilled than Ooty and thus, it offers a very popular weekend spot for the people around.

Kalhatty falls:
Drizzling from a height of 122 mt, the Kalhatty falls has attained its reputation being one of the greatest tourist attractions around Ooty. Located on the slopes about 13 km from Ooty, the journey from Ooty to Kalhatty Waterfalls is one spellbinding experience. Moreover one can also witness the nearby slopes that are covered with thick forests that boasts of rich flora.

Avalanche and Dolphin's Nose:
Lying 28 km from Ooty, unlike their names, which arouses up pictures of destruction and devastation, the place is a nature lover's paradise. They had the most beautiful sights of Catherine falls, a lake which is ideal for fishing and calmness and placidity all over the region. One can also visit the place if you admire bird watching in peace.

Mukurthi Peak and National Park:
These are among the the most beautiful excursions from Ooty. Lying just 40 km from Ooty, Mukurthi peak and the park spreads on the South Eastern side of the Nilgiri mountain range. Standing tall at an elevation of 2500 mt it's a heaven for trekkers. And as far as the National Park is concerned it boasts rich flora and fauna.

Travel Information Of Ooty
Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Ooty is at Coimbatore (100 km). Coimbatore airport is directly connected by flights with major cities like Chennai, Kozhikode, Bangalore and Mumbai

Nearest Railway Station: Ooty has a railway station of its own which is connected by meter gauge tracks to Mettupalayam, which is further connected to Coimbatore and Chennai.

Reaching By Road: Good road network connects Ooty to many important cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore.

Important Facts About Ooty
Location Area – 36 sq. km
Altitude – 7500 m above sea level
Attractions Lakes, Waterfalls, Gardens, Wildlife, Woods and Calm Environment.
Ideal For Meditation, Adventure Sports, Honeymoon and Family and Friends Vacations.
STD Code 0423
Best Time To Visit February-May or September-November