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Lake Palace

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Of all the tourist harbor, Lake Palace of Rajasthan , India,is a breath taking place of luxury and comfort. The magnificent palace floats on one side of the still water of the lake accompanied with mountains on side. The mansion face east welcoming the bright sunlight following with an eternal pray at the bang of the dawn. Today the romantic aura has turned up into a resort of delicacy. After being a part of the esteemed "Taj Group of Hotels",the resort resembles a fairy land with gardens interspersed with sombre cypresses; towering palms and gilded minarets shooting up here and there; and also the magestic decoration all around,making it one of the eye-catching spot of Udaipur.
The Palace is situated on an island in the middle of Lake Pichola in Udaipur and has its history long back since the time of Maharanas of royal dynasty. Maharana Sangram Singh II(1716-34)gifted his son Jagat Singh an island and since then the construction of palace took place. The creation of great pavilions of the palace were interrepted for a hort span of time and took an ultimate shape during the dominance of Maharana Jagat Singh,a successor of royal dynasty in Mewar in 1747.Since then the palace is popularly named as Jag Niwas. History also marked it as a special lone summer palace meant evidently for Jagat Singh personal use. Major renovation took place in 1970,with an extension of garden in the 18th century. The historic decoration got merged with modern style and in 1971 the management of the palace came under the concern of the Taj Group Of Hotels and the water palace flourished itself with a fine fusion of courts,gardens and apartments. and extension was done on the palace in 1970, which did little to debilitate it. Jag Niwas was more a g

lake palace

Interior work
Jag Niwas is finely ornamented of vibrant marbles and arabesques,highlighting the artistic work of the famous Taj Mahal at Agra and various renowned monuments in India. The circular upper room of the palace measures about 21 feet in diameter. The Palace consist of a room of 12 enormous slabs of marble, which comprises a thorne of Shah Jahan, sculptured from a single block of serpentine. A little mosque devoted to Kapuria Baba, a Muhammedan Saint also enlist itself to attraction of the island. Its floor is polished with black and white marbles and the high walls are intricate with niches and colored stones. The palace has interesting areas of peepholes, secret chambers and passage room was also encountered through a trap door at the top. The reputation of the Palace Hotel touched the sky with a glimpse of distinguished guests like Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Kennedy, the Shah of Iran , the King of Nepal and many more.

Palace cum Resort
The Taj Lake Palace of Udaipur, Rajasthan consists of 83 rooms and 17 suits fusing royal treatment and designed for different time of joy. The place of comfort are divided into standard rooms, deluxe lake facing rooms, luxury rooms, royal suites and grand royal suites. Each Royal suits are extended to balcony and furnished properly with carved wooden furnitures and other modern device like, the plasma television,switch light glass windows,rain forest showers and shimmering crystal chandeliers. And above all the ultimate King size bed placed at bed room is set to make the environment hot.
The hotel houses also consist of Meeting Rooms equipped with at least 35-40 seats. The room is properly facilitated with Internet connection,laptop,printers,secretarial service et al. An ultimate Taj Spa and outdoor swimming pool is an ultimate gateway to sweep away the tiring look of the life.

The Royal Tasty Treat
The great Taj Lake Palace offers a number of restaurants with Indian and International cuisine. Were Jharokha serves a day-time dining restaurants,Neel Kamal is a place of Rajasthani foodstuffs. The mouth watering dishes rocks with a glass of wine and cocktails, available exclusively at the swanky Amrit Sagar Bar. Also the Lily Pond Courtyard stands as an ideal place for outdoor dinners. Various interesting themes are also arranged at the Mewar Terrace.

Fun and Pleasure
There is a game room inside the big palace which is daily jazzed with interesting local programmes and puppet shows. Also the surrounding warms up with fireworks and other activities, arranged on request

Available Facilities
Proper transportation and emergency service is an added point in the Lake palace. Vintage cars are also available for traveling purpose. The palace also facilitate the visitors with currency exchange and other necessities like doctors-on-call,laundry etc..

Nearby Tourist Sites
Just behind the Lake Palace there is a small island, shimmering with its own palace called the Arsi Vilas. It was built by a number of Maharanas of Udaipur to hold the outstanding view of sunset on the lake. It also caters a sanctuary with variety of birds, ducks, coots, egrets, terns, cormorants and kingfishers. The most interesting part is that the Lake palace has a helipad, and a number of stalls (Souvenir shop)showcasing exciting products.