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Jim Corbett National Park, India

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Jungle Highlights : Tigers, Leopards, Crocodiles

Located just 300 Km northeast of Delhi and cradled in the Himalayan foothills Corbett National Park was the first wildlife reserve in India. Brain child of the Major Jim Corbett, the master shikari himself, way back in the mid 30's, this place is the birth place of the highly successful Project Tiger. Corbett national park was established in 1936, as the Hailey National Park. In 1955-56 it has changed to Ramganga National Park and finally it got its name Jim Corbett National Park in the 1920s. Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, it's more than 500 sq km area includes kalagarh forest division and Ramnagar forest division. The original area of the Corbett National Park was 323.75 sq. km. to which 197.07 sq. km. was added later. Known for its varied wildlife the park is blessed with a rich tiger populace.
Tiger at Corbett National Park

Major Wildlife Attractions in Corbett National Park
The most coveted Jim Corbett National Park of India houses 110 tree species, 51 species of shrubs, over 33 species of bamboo and grass, 50 mammals species, 580 bird species and 26 reptile species. You also can find here Indian rock pythons, Russell's vipers, cobras and common kraits snakes, parakeets etc are available here. See a variety of deers including chital (spotted deer), sambar (Indian stag), chinkara (Indian gazelle), pada (hog deer) and muntjac (barking deer). Some nocturnal cats that are found here include the Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat and Fishing Cat. Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Common Otter, Blacknaped Hare and Porcupine are some smaller citizens of this park.

Apart from this you will spot here predators like leopard cats, jungle cats, the rare fishing cat and caracal, Sloth bears, monkeys, wild boars, jackals, dholes (wild dogs) and ghorals (mountain goats). You can also spot the long-snouted, fish-eating Gharial Crocodile and the 'Mugger' Crocodile along the Ramganga River shores

Things to do in Corbett National Park
To relish the Corbett wildlife tour and feel the adventure you can try elephant and Jeep safari. Besides these two, this first wildlife reserve in India, Jim Corbett National Park offers Angling, Elephant Safari Birding, Wildlife Viewing and the Nature walk. Pick according to your travel need and enjoy the oneness with the great nature.

Wildlife Viewing in Corbett National Park
From the several watch towers, see a wide range of flora and fauna. View wildlife species finding refuge in the Savannah grasslands known as the Maidan in this Indian wildlife sanctuary. Behind the campsite to the south, and Tigers are generally drawn in looking for prey. Come at dusk or dawn, as these two are the best time to spot your desired animal.

Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park
Jeeps Safari is the most convenient way to travel within Corbett National Park.

For your wildlife jeep safari you can rent car from Ramnagar, from the KMVN Tourist Lodge and other travel agencies. You can also hire jeeps from outside the Park as well as from Dhikala. For better viewing bring binoculars, keep the silence don't wear bright colors or strong perfumes.

Birding in Corbett National Park
For all the bird lovers, birding in Corbett National Park will offer you an experience which can not be compared with anything. During your birding you can spot here parakeets, owls, orioles, drongos, thrushes, babblers, bulbuls, cuckoos, doves, bee eaters, rollers, flycatchers, warblers, robins, chats, finches, forktails, hornbills, kingfishers etc.

Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park
Elephant rides are most recommended way to see the animals. Organized jungle safari tour in Corbett National Park will take you far into the deep jungles. Elephant Safari will offer you to see the wildlife from close vicinity. Try to convince your Mahout or Elephant driver to venture in all their known areas, as they can be quite magical.

Angling in Corbett National Park
The Ramganga River is the main lifeline of Corbett Tiger Reserve. A wide array of aquatic life lives within it. Famed for the 'Mighty Mahseer', the fighting fish, this river is one pf the favorite destination for the anglers. Using Camp Forktail Creek as the base, one can opt for multi-day fishing trips.

Jungle Resorts in Corbett
For the tourists coming from all over the globe, Jim Corbett National Park, India has many forest resorts and lodging options in or around the Park. The most attractive lodging option Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort is located 9km from the park. It is a nice pleasant cottage which will provide you all modern facilities and an excellent continental cuisine. The hotel will charge you around Rs.3200 including meals.

Other lodging options are : -
  • Forest Rest House
  • Tiger Tops Corbett Lodge
  • Dhikala Forest Lodge
  • Sarapduli Forest Rest House
  • Call of the wild
  • Corbett Camp
  • Claridges Corbett Hideaway Resort
  • Corbett River View Resort
  • Corbett Roop Resort,
  • Corbett Wilds Camp and Retreat
  • Jim Jungle Retreat
Important information
The best time to visit- mid November to mid June
Closed from June to November
For visiting purposes you have to obtain permit before 11am from Project Tiger office at Ramnagar.

Entry Fee: For Indians Rs50 and Rs. 400 for others (450 for overnight)
Vehicle Entry- Rs. 750/day (heavy vehicles), Rs. 150/day (light) & Rs. 400/day (mini bus)
Elephant Ride: Rs. 150 (Indians) & Rs. 250 (foreigners),
Guide: Rs. 125/day/vehicle (Dhikala) & Rs. 100 (4 hr trip, Bijrani)
Camera: Still free, Rs. 100 (video).

Distances from Major cities
Delhi - 260 km
Lucknow - 145 km
Nainital - 105 km
Ranikhet - 112 km
Ramangar - 12 km

How to reach Corbett National Park
Pantnagar at a distance of 50-kms is the nearest airport. For international airport, Delhi at a distance of 300-kms is the nearest. Nearest railway is at Ramnagar. From here you will get the road transport options to reach the park. From near tourist places like Nainital and Ranikhet, 112-kms north, buses arrive every half hour. Ramnagar is well served by frequent buses from nation capital Delhi. This place is just eight hour trip from Delhi. Delhi Transport Corporation runs a semi deluxe service.